Exercícios de Inglês by Douglas Ruiz

Placas de Trânsito (Exercício)

Ano passado escrevemos aqui um post sobre placas de trânsito, explicando os tipos de placas e onde as encontramos. No exercício de hoje, vamos praticar o significado de algumas dessas placas.

Choose the best definition for the signs below. Escolha a melhor definição para as placas abaixo.


a) Drunk driver
b) Slippery Road
c) Car dancing ahead



a) Skiing allowed
b) Men with canes
c) Hiking area



a) It’s forbidden to drive the same car
b) Prohibited overtaking
c) Please wear the seatbelt



a) Don’t greet people
b) No thumbs up given
c) No hitchhiking allowed




a) Must turn left
b) No turning back
c) Steep curve on your right



a) Trash collector
b) Slow down, construction in progress
c) Construction greeter



a) Nowhere near to service area
b) Rest area ahead
c) Problem on the road



a) Burn yourself
b) Campfire site
c) Don’t play with fire



a) Cell phone out of service
b) End of pavement
c) TV doesn’t work



a) Must turn right
b) Can’t turn left
c) Can’t turn right


Answer key:
1.B 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.C 6.B 7.B 8.B 9.B 10.C

Well that’s it for today guys.
I hope you guys liked it. Feel free to share and comment our posts.
See ya!